Rugged vs Rugged

Rugged tablets are born from a basic concept: no failure , no breakdown, long-term investment.

As mentioned in the « what is a rugged tablet section », the opening of the market to the mainstream has allowed to create a full range of products:

  • Entry-level: hardened products for which IP rating and MIL STD testing are a basic requirement
  • Middle range: rugged products for which components are carefully chosen allowing to anticipate a very low failure rate
  • High range: same characteristics than middle range plus extra care on material choice allowing the tablets to operate on a long-lasting basis (over 5 years)

A ce jour, deux tablettes 10 pouces IP65 et MIL-STD-810G peuvent avoir des prix variant de 1000 à 9000€ en fonction de leur gamme et de leurs fonctionnalités. (Pour rappel attention aux tests)

As of today, two tablets sharing the same IP rating (let’s say IP 65) and the same resistance to MIL STD testing (let’s say 810G) can have very different prices, going from 1000€ up to 9000€. (Be careful with testing results)

Obviously a high-end tablet MUST be better designed than an entry-level one. Here are some of the main differences you can spot:

  • Components’ choice: from middle to high range components will avoid failure and improve product life (if you can be shown the inside of a tablet that might surprise you)
  • Material choice: very important when coming to ruggedness (magnesium alloy vs plastic), but also for the weight (different metal for the screws have a very different impact on weight)
  • Tablet structure: Double frame improves safety, bumpers or bevelled edges to absorb the shocks
  • Testing level to conform military standard (parameters of testing mostly and number of different sections tested)
  • Service level

To make sure you make the right choice, you first need to anticipate and map your usage: saving upfront can prove to be disastrous when facing indirect costs if all needs and criteria have not been properly apprehended. Specialists will help you make the right choice.

In short:

Entry level

Middle range

High end



Low failure rate


Low failure rate

Durability of materials