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Coworker adapts the constraints of your job to provide you with a successful and sustainable answer to your Field Force challenges.
Try our rugged tablets and you’ll find more than a tool, a coworker!

Who is Coworker

Coworker is a French brand of industrial products. Our mission is to supply the best answer to mobile users based on the requirements of field usage and on the specifics of each sector. Coworker’s philosophy of is to make sure that our tools represent the best balance between performance, durability and investment.

Choose Coworker
Long-lasting autonomy: over 8.5 hours, hot-swappable battery.
Reliable rugged tablets: over 1000 falls from over 1m even while working
Screen adapted to work outdoors, with or without gloves, even underwater (IP65).
TPM 2.0 chip, Fingerprint reader in option...
Coworker rugged tablet
usable with gloves
logo coworker
All technologies
in a fully-rugged tablet.

Our products

CW12 – 12″ Windows Tablet
CW10 – 10″ Windows Tablet
CW868 – 8″ Android IP68 Tablet
CWF10 – 10″ Windows Tablet
CWH10 – 10″ Windows Tablet
CW10-A – 10″ Android Tablet
CW8 – 8″ Windows Tablet
CW8-A – 8″ Android Tablet
CW6 – 6″ Tablet – Windows or Android
Accessory – Grip Handle
Accessory – Dock Desktop F10/H10
Accessory – Battery charger
Accessory – Dock Desktop
Accessory – Shoulder strap
Accessory – Dock vehicle
Accessory – Stylus
Accessory – Handle
Accessory – Dock charger (2 tablets)
Accessory – Wall Dock
Accessory – Digitizer Stylus

Contact us

Coworker, 361 Avenue des Romarins, 34130 Saint-Aunès
Telephone: +33 (0)4 99 52 68 88

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