Our products

We have developed a full range of rugged tablets, Windows and Android to answer every line of business’ needs.

Every feature has been studied so that it can adjust and adapt to your business constraints:

  • Top Connectivity – Wi-fi, Bluetooth and 4G/LTE,
  • Performance when you need – processors Atom to Core i7
  • Professional tools: NFC, barcode reader, fingerprint reader
  • Ready for any environment: office and vehicle docks, stand
  • Ruggedness above standards: drops, tumble test, steelball drop test, etc.

Our range of rugged tablets will adapt to your environment in order to provide a high quality, efficient and durable answer to your needs.

CW12 – 12″ Windows Tablet
CW P10 – Tablet 10″ Windows
CW10 – 10″ Windows Tablet
CW868 – 8″ Android IP68 Tablet
CWF10 – 10″ Windows Tablet
CWH10 – 10″ Windows Tablet
CW10-A – 10″ Android Tablet
CW8 – 8″ Windows Tablet
CW8-A – 8″ Android Tablet
CW6 – 6″ Tablet – Windows or Android
Accessory – Grip Handle
Accessory – Dock Desktop F10/H10
Accessory – Battery charger
Accessory – Dock Desktop
Accessory – Shoulder strap
Accessory – Dock vehicle
Accessory – Stylus
Accessory – Handle
Accessory – Dock charger (2 tablets)
Accessory – Wall Dock
Accessory – Digitizer Stylus
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