Our services


After-sales service for Coworker products is provided by Yatoo, a European repair center. Maintenance is carried out in our workshops located in Montpellier.

All of our Coworker tablets are guaranteed for 1 year by collection and return to the site. Some tablets also include as standard an accidental damage guarantee included. This warranty applies to all of the following territories: France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany. It aims to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment over a period of time depending on the choices of the buyer (optional warranty extension).

The accidental damage guarantee eliminates all the administrative risks linked to the breakage of a product, by eliminating the validation cycle of a repair estimate and thus reducing equipment downtime. The broken tablet is then repaired directly and returned within the chosen prior repair period (optional specific SLA).

Option: 3 Years Extension Warranty


So that your equipment adapts to the different environments and specific constraints to which each company must respond, we supplement our offer with a range of services that will simplify your life.

A tablet becomes an essential production tool, meeting the same unavailability constraints as traditional production tools. Whether for fixing support or ultra mobile use, our engineering and experience in environments as diverse as logistics, armaments, aeronautics or medical, allow us to create specific solutions or modify an existing model to meet your specific requirements. We ensure the quality of the implementation of our solutions.

We support you throughout your project, whether in the study of mobility in your environment with the choice of equipment, in the preparation of the equipment with mass mastering, a need for labeling or other, during the deployment which can be single-site or multi-site. And of course for the maintenance of your product, a service that we provide in our premises in Montpellier. This maintenance can be personalized in terms of warranty period, repair responsiveness, each offer adapts to your needs.


By 2, 10 or 50, our tools for deploying your master’s degree are a simple and economical way to relieve your IT team of this constraint. Your tablets reach you personalized and ready to use. This saves time that your employees will use when adapting the infrastructure dedicated to this mobility.

The master is provided by the customer, it can be built with the help of our technicians (Additional service). The mastering is carried out in our workshops before delivery.

The masterization tests are carried out beforehand during the qualification of the material.

SLA (Service Level Agreement)

We adapt at your side to the different levels of criticality required by your business in the event of your equipment malfunctioning. We offer you economical and efficient offers on repair time commitments.

We provide repair responsiveness that can range from D+1 to D+7 by removal and return to the site.

For the implementation of a specific SLA, we supply spare parts and / or tablets that we keep in a specific stock dedicated to the customer in order to respond immediately to the need for repair.

Help Desk

As a European repair center, we provide direct support and technical assistance to users through our individualized portal allowing the monitoring of RMA processing in real time.

We report the overall vision of the support and maintenance activity to managers.

The customer has private access to the Yatoo maintenance portal, which allows him to make his after-sales service requests and to have permanent follow-up on the progress of repairs. All your after-sales service requests are referenced there and allow the extraction of maintenance activity reports.